Statements of Belief, Ethics and Purpose

Statement of Belief:

We believe in every word of the inerrant, perfectly preserved word of God–the KJV Bible. However, despite our reservations about the accuracy of other translations, such as the omission of Matthew 17:21 in the NIV (“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.“), we feel God can use anything to accomplish and reveal his will.


  • We will not promote video games we feel blatantly go against the word of God on this website.
  • Games will be discussed honestly regardless of origin (Christian or secular) and/or reception of review code.
  • We reserve the right to not cover titles we feel are incomplete, non-functional or contrary to the mission of Video Games and the Bible–regardless of reception of review code.
  • Reception of review code does not guarantee coverage.
  • If transportation, accommodation, review code, etc. is provided, we will fully disclose that information.
  • Possible conflicts of interest generated by contributions or donations will be fully disclosed as well.

Statement of Purpose/Legal Disclaimer:

The purpose of Video Games and the Bible is to show believers and non-believers alike the awesome expanse of God’s word and how it can and does apply to every area of our lives-including video games. We hope to encourage others, not to come under the bondage of the law, but to instead seek God in their liberty and gaming decisions.

The purpose of Video Games and the Bible is NOT to attack any Developer, Publisher, Gamer and/or Corporate Entity. Our intent is simply to examine the video games themselves from a biblical perspective, and to reveal to believers and non-believers alike other gaming options.

*We reserve the right to not post comments on this website we feel are blatantly offensive, do not add to a thoughtful discussion on the subject of video games and the Bible, are abusive or malicious in nature or intent, etc.

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