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I started Video Games and the Bible when I was 15 years old. Free from major responsibilities, I was able to pursue this relatively obscure interest as far as I pleased while also beginning to take my first steps into a personal relationship with Christ. You can see me grow as a person and a Christian over the years, the quality and range of my work increasing as I find new ways to express and apply my faith. I’ve connected with developers both Christian and secular, met an incredible amount of awesome people, and found myself in the credits of several video games (with more hopefully to come!).

I’ve also felt bound by Video Games and the Bible, concerned that continuing to work on something that wasn’t supporting me financially might have been a waste of time. Nearly three years on and 1.5k followers on Twitter later, seeing the difference this site has made in some people’s lives…I can see I made the right choice coming back time and time again.

Now, I’m an adult. I’m considering college, job prospects while I’m still overseas–and how to keep Video Games and the Bible a relevant part of my life. I want to continue making things inside and out of Christian Game Journalism, keeping my audience here in mind. Full-scale games, short stories, horror tragi-comedy novels, and tiny experiments. I want to do everything, using each new experience to refine my work at Video Games and the Bible and inform future projects.

You can be a direct part of making this possible.

If you enjoy what I make, and want to support my creative work in various areas going forward, here’s how you can help:

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And if you can’t directly support my creative work…Thank you for being here.

The fact that you took time out of your day to watch one of my videos, read one of my articles, or even to come to this page at all, matters.