Interviews and Editorials

In order of appearance:

How Video Games Get Religion Wrong

Christian Games Done Right Interview: John Wallie (Gebub’s Adventure)

All Hail The Spider God Postmortem/Lessons

Beyond Rated-M: Finding Comedy in Liyla and The Shadows of War

Beyond Rated-M: How The Wolf Among Us Makes You Bigsby

Beyond Rated-M: A HITMAN for Everyone

Beyond Rated-M: 4 Reasons Hitman GO and Hitman: Blood Money Are the Same Game

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide and the Bible (ft. Saint Killjoy)

Beyond Rated-M: LucasArts’ Outlaws

VGB Interviews…Thomas Faust – German Indie Game Translator

Christian Games Done Right: Master Spy (Kris Truitt/TurboGun)

Beyond Rated-M: Black Desert Online

Christian Games Done Right Interview: Kings of Israel (Lance Hill)

UnderEarth Beta Interview (CrackerJack Games)

Beyond Rated-M: Slow Down, Bull

Christian Games Done Right Interview: David Pittman (NEON STRUCT)

Beyond Rated-M: Else.HeartBreak()

Christian Games Done Right: That Dragon, Cancer (Numinous Games)

Hitman: Blood Money vs Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Comparison

Batman: Arkham Knight Q&A

Beyond Rated-M Plays Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition

Beyond Rated-M: Doom & Lovely Planet

Beyond Rated-M: NEO Scavenger

Christian Games Done Right Interview: Ryan Vandendyck (Citizens of Earth)

Editorial: Republique and Going Beyond ‘Rated M

Planeswalker–A Conversation with Tim Donley (Lead Artist of Planescape: Torment)

I Help Make Games, Now!

Video Interview: Lantana Games (Mondrian)

Video Interview: Zero Point Software (Interstellar Marines)

Editorial: Pixelated Mirrors–How Games Showed Me I’m Not a Good Person

What Really Matters–A Conversation with Marc Straight (Developer of Worlds of REM)

Editorial: Endless Steam–How I Found Valve’s Greatest Game and Lost Myself Along the Way

Ephemeral–A Conversation with Sam Barlow (Developer of Her Story)

Keep it KISS–A Conversation with Darryl Still (Co-Founder of Kiss Ltd.)

Editorial: Sin in Paradise and Messages in Bottles–An Open Letter to Dylan Barry

Humanity–A Conversation with Greg Johnson (Creator of ToeJam & Earl)

Editorial: “Religion Has Hurt People”–Christianity and Diversity in Gaming 

Editorial: Violence, Max Payne & Comfort in Romans 16:19

Regency Solitaire–Reaching Beyond Casual & Hardcore (Developer Interview)

Video Games and the Bible…Week of November 9th, 2014

Video Games and the Bible…Week of November 2nd, 2014

Exclusive–Artisan: Going Home Again Interview

Exclusive–Super Mega Bob Interview

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