What Really Matters–A Conversation with Marc Straight (Developer of Worlds of REM)

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Every Wednesday from 2-4 PM EDT, I (Nelson) co-hosted a live, non-religious gaming talk show called Beta Wave Radio. Recently, I’ve taken a break from the weekly show to focus on specific guests. However, my purpose remains the same–to show the humanity behind the games we play.


*The interview below was recorded July 5th, 2015*

I spoke with Marc Straight of upcoming horror action-platformer Worlds of REM about an upcoming event he’s holding to benefit the Center for Excellence in Autism Research, advocacy, suicide, and the incredible person who inspired this journey: Jaa Cooper.

It’s probably the most important and emotionally affecting interview I’ve conducted yet. Take a listen:

What Really Matters–A Conversation with Marc Straight (Download)

You can find more about Worlds of REM, Marcthe rest of the Panic Games team, and the details of the upcoming event as they develop by following their respective links.
Thanks to Panic Games for the amazing music from their title!


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