I Help Make Games, Now!

Name in Credits of Ninja Pizza Girl Screenshot Video Games and the Bible

The Ninja Pizza Girl credits screen.

If you couldn’t tell by the excited, wildly-scrawled arrows and circles, that’s my name, there. After getting to know the family behind Ninja Pizza Girl in my interview with them for Video Games and the Bible last year, I went on to provide unlockable content for the game proper. As someone who is quite passionate about this title it’s really exciting, but the fact I primarily cover video games also makes it a bit awkward. Especially as I’m presented with more opportunities to contribute to the game development process.
I still want to cover these titles, though–which is why I’m coming to you.

The Video Games and the Bible YouTube channel is not monetized, ads do not appear on this site, and I currently don’t collect monetary donations (as stated on the Game Coverage Criteria page). I’ve done these things, particularly as the host of a Biblically-grounded website, to help assure anyone following my work that I have their best interests in mind. I analyze titles for months, recognizing their flashes of brilliance and their regrettable flaws. That would be reflected in my coverage whether or not I do or will work with a developer.

Furthermore, these are games I genuinely think you’d like to know about. The vast majority of titles on Steam alone fall through the cracks. If they suit you and the rest of my audience, I want to give them the spotlight they need–just as I would that of any other creator.

Of course, I’ll be disclosing any involvement or potential conflicts of interest (paid and unpaid) when and where appropriate. However, as these jobs begin to take a greater role in my life, I felt you deserve more than a one-line disclosure statement without any further explanation or input.

You’ve trusted me, supporting my work here and elsewhere–being transparent and open to your feedback is the least I can offer in return. You can contact me through the Contact form and/or Twitter if you’d prefer these games are not covered, or would like to suggest a more nuanced approach.

To the future, I guess!


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*Do you want to make sure that you are saved?

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