Video Games and the Bible…Week of November 2, 2014

The following is a quick overview of the Let’s Plays, Livestreams and other activities we’ve done in the past week…


This week we posted our Let’s Plays of Race the Sun, and Natural Selection 2: Combat.

Race the Sun

Race the Sun is a unique indie game fusing an endless racer and a roguelike. As an unnamed solar-powered aircraft, you’ll zoom through minimalistic, randomly-generated landscapes achieving feats to increase your level and unlock new game modes.

While the PC version includes tools to create your own levels/modes, the newly-released version for the PS4 and PS Vita includes a special new mode called “Labrinthia.”

You can find our Let’s Play for the PS4 version below:

Natural Selection 2: Combat

Natural Selection 2: Combat is the new spinoff to strategy-FPS hit, Natural Selection 2 (NS2).

By mixing the fast pace and dynamic leveling of a MOBA with the exciting combat between humans and aliens found in NS2, the team at Faultline Games has created an interesting adaptation to the Natural Selection formula. You can find the game on Steam, and our Let’s Play below:

*These titles were received to enable review/coverage. See our statement of ethics here and game review criteria here.

*Do you want to be saved?

*Do you want to make sure that you are saved?

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  1. Thank you brother. We will test out “Labrinthia” for PS4.
    Have a nice day.

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