Humanity–A Conversation with Greg Johnson (Creator of ToeJam & Earl)


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Every Wednesday from 2-4 PM EDT, I (Nelson) co-host a live, non-religious gaming talk show called Beta Wave Radio. Conversations range from serious to silly, but the purpose is always to show the human side of the people behind the games that we play.


This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg Johnson, the lead game designer behind titles such as Starflight, Doki Doki Universe and the ToeJam & Earl series. An industry veteran with passions ranging from old-school funk to touching humanity through play, Greg is currently Kickstarting the next ToeJam and Earl entry.

As of the the time of this writing, their Kickstarter campaign has 4 days left to raise roughly $55,000. If you can, support the newest ToeJam and Earl on Kickstarter NOW and listen to the full audio interview below:


(Download) Humanity–A Conversation with Greg Johnson

Thanks to Greg and the ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove team for allowing us to use some of their funky jams!


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