Regency Solitaire–Reaching Beyond Casual & Hardcore (Developer Interview)

Regency Solitaire Header from Official Website

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Regency Solitaire is an incredibly addictive and family-friendly title set during the Regency period of England (1811-1820). With persistent upgrades (taking the form of enhancements to Bella’s ballroom/wardrobe) and challenging Solitaire gameplay, it consistently left me saying “one more level” late into the night.

In the interview below, developers Jake and Helen Birkett give an intriguing glimpse into their unique section of the gaming industry, including their desire to reach across the “Hardcore-Casual” divide:

Helen and Jake working 1

A (somewhat) normal working day for Jake and Helen Birkett…

You can buy Regency Solitaire, vote for its Greenlight Campaign and play a free dress-up game through the links below.

Buy Regency Solitaire Now! (PC & Mac)

Play Dress Up Regency Bella! (Free)

Support the Game on Greenlight! (Free)

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