New Video: Ironclad Tactics (PS4)

In this edition of “Video Games and the Bible Plays,” we jump into quirky collectible-card and strategy game, Ironclad Tactics for the PS4!

Ironclad Tactics is the unique fusion of a Collectible Card Game (ala Magic: The Gathering) and a turn-based strategy title. Set during the Civil War, you’ll assemble an army through smart deck-building and use your skills to defeat enemies across the United States and Europe. Online multiplayer is available (though not populated on the PS4 in my experience), allowing you to tackle the entire story in co-op or test your skills and deck-building prowess against others.

Ironclad Tactics Potential Concerns:

At one point in your adventure, you meet a “Madame Millie.” Her profession is hinted at but not directly depicted or referenced.

Madame Millie

The team meets Madame Millie

In very few instances throughout the story, profanity is used.

For those with a problem with blood, when Ironclads step in the same space as a human…Let’s just say the human goes “squish.”

Ironclad Tactics Potential Concerns 2 from PS Store

Although the jet of blood and resulting splat (far right side, beneath gray Ironclad) is cartoon-styled, some viewers may take issue with this depiction.

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