Pure Chess Review

Wallpaper_HD_02 from Pure Chess Official Website

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Please note that the review below is for the PS4 version, and may not reflect content/gameplay found in other editions.


I move my queen and rook in concert, slowly backing his king into a corner. I inch closer and closer, knowing one false move will tear apart my entire strategy…

My heart is pounding.

He’s finally right where I want him. Feverish calculations are made as I desperately try to get into my opponent’s–

Oh, I never considered that before.

A relative calls out a seemingly sound tactical option that escaped my notice. I re-position my queen. Then, I watch in horror as a knight from the corner of the board takes her away from me.

I lose by checkmate.

Such is the way of chess.

1080663994 Pure Chess Screenshot from PS store page

You can clearly see how Pure Chess* for the PS4 takes advantage of next-gen hardware. The user interface is sharp, simple and slick. Light reflects off of imperfections in stone pieces and softly filters through clear glass ones.

1080663988 Pure Chess Screenshot from PS store page

Included are three locations (Museum, Penthouse and Library) and three chess sets (Staunton, Williams and Checkers) with various visual modifiers. Modifiers range from stone, to glass, to wood. Unfortunately, after a few matches, these options seem a bit bare.

To expand your collection, a number of downloadable chess sets are available for purchase. Their effects can range from turning your board into a park location filled with woodland creatures, or an arena populated by Roman soldiers.

1080663996 Pure Chess Screenshot from PS store page 1080663991 Pure Chess Screenshot from PS store page

While Chess is one of the most popular and well-known games in the world, many do not know how to play. Pure Chess accommodates new and old players alike by providing a simple introductory training mode.

Other than training, the modes in Pure Chess are:

  • Local-Play against the computer or another player.
  • Tournament-Beat the AI in 3 consecutive matches.
  • Bonus Games-These are the mind-bending “Mate in 1, 2, etc.” puzzles found in newspapers.
  • Online-Internet play is asynchronous (i.e. correspondence chess), allowing you to play up to six matches at a time.

1080663989 Pure Chess Screenshot from PS store page

In general, aside from a lack of customization options, I found Pure Chess for PS4 to be an impressive title.


The range of features and modes available combined with AMAZING graphics make Pure Chess for PS4 one of the best digital chess experiences to date.
I just wish more was included in the initial package.

Potential Concerns:

A Halloween Chess Set add-on is available as an optional purchase.

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Also available on 3DS.

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