Titan Attacks! Review

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Please note that the review below is for the PS4 version, and may not reflect the content/quality found in other editions.


13:45, 05/27/14
At an Undisclosed Military Location [A.K.A. A Dark Closet]

Alright rookie, we are confronted with an emergency situation–the Earth is being attacked!

Titan Attacks! Intro Pics from Youtube-sonyplaystation channel (1)

Oh no, General!

I know. The bean counters say these invaders come straight from Puppy Games, a developer known for its vibrant use of color and retro gameplay.

Titan Attacks!' distant cousin, Revenge of the Titans.

Developer Puppy Games’ Revenge of the Titans (thematically related to Titan Attacks!).

Titan Attacks!' distant cousin, Droid Assault.

Developer Puppy Games’ Droid Assault (thematically related to Titan Attacks!).

Titan Attacks!' distant cousin, Ultratron.

Developer Puppy Games’ Ultratron (thematically related to Titan Attacks!).

What did you say?

Nothing–I don’t know what came over me. Anyway, even at a time such as this, we still have hope–we are not defenseless!

The Army, Air Force, Navy and half of Australia may be gone, but we’ve still got you.

Titan Attacks! Screenshot 1 from Press Assets

Be ever vigilant, for the enemy is cruel, relentless and…Purple.

Titan Attacks! Intro Pics from Youtube-sonyplaystation channel (3)

…You’re kidding, right?


You are the last Tank Commander, so get out there and destroy those Titans!

Titan Attacks! Screenshot 1 from PS Store Page

Titan Attacks!* wears its retro inspiration on its sleeve. From the gorgeously chunky pixelated visuals down to the “scan lines” projected on the screen, you can see the love put into this tribute to Space Invaders.

However, Titan Attacks! is not content to rest on nostalgia. A number of gameplay wrinkles have been introduced, including “skill bonuses” (earned for shooting Titans as they fall from the sky), capturing parachuting aliens and more.

You can see the parachuting alien near the top-right.

You can see the parachuting alien near your tank…

Titan Attacks!’ most notable departure from the original source material is found in it’s upgrade system.

Titan Attacks! Screenshot 2 from Press Assets

Each Titan destroyed earns you a certain amount of money.

Titan Attacks! Screenshot 2 from PS Store Page

This money can be used to eventually create an incredible death machine.

Titan Attacks! Screenshot 4 from PS Store Page

You’ll fight through 100 waves of both enemies and powerful bosses across five worlds (Earth, the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Titan). Once completed, you’ll start from the beginning with all of the upgrades you’ve purchased to face even more dangerous foes.

Titan Attacks! Screenshot 5 from PS Store Page

The Moon’s so beautiful this time of year…

These elements combine to form an interesting gameplay loop that–along with the ability to save your progress–provides an old-school experience for a new generation.

Titan Attacks! Screenshot 7 from PS Store Page

Of course, the amount of play you get out of any arcade title of this type depends upon your skill. However, buying Titan Attacks! once on a single Sony platform does give you access to all other PlayStation versions (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita).

Titan Attacks! Screenshot 6 from PS Store Page


While the mileage players get out of Titan Attacks! nostalgic gameplay will differ, it’s undeniable that Titan Attacks! is an extremely polished retro blast.

Potential Concerns:

None to my knowledge.

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