Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor Release Steam Logo from Official Facebook Page

This week, Bridge Constructor is available for an even greater discount–33% off!

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Please note that the review below is for the PC version, and may not reflect the content/quality found in other editions.

This is Jack Jackson with Biff Biffson of Channel 8 Architecture News–what do you have for us Biff?

Well Jack, today is the official opening of the Video Games and the Bible Inaugural Bridge, and I must say, its creator certainly went with an…INTERESTING design.

Bridge Constructor Intro Screenshots (1)

Is that a skateboard ramp?

No, this is the magnificent bridge that will transport us from one area of the city to–
is it supposed to be moving?

Bridge Constructor Intro Screenshots (2)

I hear that the Bridge Constructor has gone back to the drawing board.

That they have, Jack. This time, they managed to provide even LESS support to essential sections.

Bridge Constructor Intro Screenshots (5)

That looked pretty bad, Biff.

Yes, but now the Bridge Constructor has come up with a sure-fire solution.

Bridge Constructor Intro Screenshots (6)Good news Jack–the first car has successfully crossed Video Games and the Bible Inaugural Bridge!

Bridge Constructor Intro Screenshots (8)

That’s great, Biff! What about trucks?

Bridge Constructor Intro Screenshots (11)

City officials do not recommend using trucks at this time.

Welcome to Bridge Constructor*, an educational physics-based game where bridge building can be both serious:

And hilarious:

bridge_by_intheflorsh-d76b15z from Headup Games Twitter

Using a variety of materials (Concrete, Wood, Cable and Steel), players attempt to create the strongest bridge possible within a certain budget.

Will yours be able to handle a tanker?

Bridge Constructor Screenshot 2 from Steam Store Page

Your goal is relatively easy, but it soon feels laughably hard.

World 3 (of 5)

Only when you begin to adapt from stage to stage–throwing away old building techniques and thinking “outside the box”–will you succeed.

Bridge Constructor Screenshots batch 1 (2)

A possible solution to the previously failed level.

Players build bridges across 64 levels in 6 diverse settings.

Bridge Constructor Screenshot 1 from Steam Store Page Bridge Constructor Screenshot 3 from Steam Store Page

The actual process of building is made simple with an intuitive interface. Bridge Constructor even uses color-coded sections to show the most stressed areas of your bridge.

Bridge Construtor Screenshots batch 3 (2)

The clear and simple building mode.

Bridge Construtor Screenshots batch 3 (1)

The red stress lines at the top of the structure mean that this bridge is probably going to break…

Bridge Constructor Screenshots batch 3 (3)


The PC edition also includes the SlopeMania DLC (purchased separately on mobile) at no extra charge.

Bridge Constructor SlopeMania Screenshot


Bridge Constructor is an excellent entry in a relatively crowded genre, focusing on creativity and unexpected humor.

Bridge Constructor also happens to be on sale for PC this week, with a 33% off discount ($6.69 USD).

Potential Concerns:

None to my knowledge.

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