Christian Developer Interview–Daniel Hall of Super Mega Bob


A few months ago, we had the fortune of interviewing Daniel Hall of Jenito Games regarding his then-unreleased indie game, Super Mega Bob. An excerpt:

Super Mega Bob Screenshot 1 from Desura

VGB: How has your faith affected the way you make video games?

Hall: That can be a difficult question to answer. My faith in Jesus Christ affects absolutely everything I do, so in that way my faith plays a huge role in making games. I tell people all the time that for me making games and serving God go hand in hand. The stories I write, art I make, games I design, etc. are all an expression of my faith in Christ and done for His glory. That being said, making games must be done professionally.

A plumber can take care of your pipe problems because he knows about pipes (and may be able to jump extremely high and save princesses from castles). A Christian plumber does what he does to glorify God, but I’m certain you wouldn’t want him fixing your plumbing unless he was very skilled and learned at his job.

In the same way, I don’t want to just be “good enough” to make games. I want to push myself to make professional quality stuff that is fun and engaging, and communicates powerful stories that really make an impact. Long story short, yes, my faith in Christ is the very reason I make games!” [Full Interview]

In the video above, you’ll find our brand new interview alongside footage of his now complete game. Topics include the keys to KickStarter success, the viability of as a game release platform, social media etiquette and more!


Support the developer by picking up Super Mega Bob on Desura/, and voting on Steam Greenlight now!


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