“Kingdom” and the Bible

Kingdom is a retro-styled indie game that uses simple controls, permanent death, and random generation to encourage exploration and a desire to find just how this strange world works across multiple plays. Playing as king or queen of an untamed, dangerous land, the fact your interactions all revolve around how you direct, build, and nurture your following inspires a surprising level of compassion.

Once, I had come into an unexpected windfall of coins (the main resource of the game) and used it to expand the left side of my settlement when a ragged group of disarmed, injured survivors came charging from the other side of the screen. I ran past them, the wreckage of ruined outposts and walls scrolling by.

In my rush to expand, I had forgotten defense, and in the process lost over half of my Kingdom. I didn’t feel bad about the loss of several hours of progress.
What I regretted was the people I had failed.

Kingdom Screenshot 1 from Steam Store Page


Biblical Recap


·1:18-8:2919:52-23:52: When discussing the Biblical significance of the two altar-like sites used to upgrade your Archer and Builder units, I find that the word “altar” commonly has a positive connotation and refers to one of God’s holy places in Scripture, while “high place” holds the opposite meaning. I also cover the possibility that, due to the game relying on minimalism and player interpretation, these sites could be something else entirely. (Leviticus 26:30, 1 Kings 15:13-14)

Kingdom Altar Screenshots from Steam Store Page

The Mason and Archer upgrade stations. The latter looks like a statue of a goddess of the hunt, such as Diana or Artemis.

Kingdom is published by Raw Fury Games and available on the PC via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store among other marketplaces.

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