My Next Game Is Available Free For IF Comp 2016!


Above, you’ll find the cover (created by the incredible Julian Adkins) for my new interactive-fiction video game: SCREW YOU, BEAR DAD!.

SCREW YOU, BEAR DAD! is a surreal comedy adventure about bears, puns, enthusiastic narrators, and elderly women in attack helicopters. It’s available for free as part of IF Comp 2016 here, and takes about an hour to complete! Please note that you must play/rate at least 5 titles for any of your votes to count.

Those interested in making similar games might dig my new series, The Joy of TwiningI’m streaming the creation of one of my next games, from beginning to end, every week. You can join me live on Twitch every Wednesday from 1-3 PM EST:

This series, along with Video Games and the Bible and my future creative work, will be made possible by Patreon. Please click the aforementioned link if you would like to support my stuff, and stay tuned for more game discussion/criticism from Video Games and the Bible!


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