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Alienbase2 from UFO-AI Official Site

*Sources of screenshots are listed in their respective file-names.

Video Games and the Bible Highlights is our way of balancing video game coverage on this website. We would like to not only examine video games from a biblical viewpoint, but show the liberty we have in Christ and the breadth of gaming options available-both Christian and secular. As written in our statement of purpose:

“We hope to encourage others, not to come under the bondage of the law, but to instead seek God in their liberty and gaming decisions.”

Our hope is that Video Games and the Bible Highlights will show you video games you might not have otherwise considered and review those you want, all from our unique, biblically-based perspective.

One day, I wondered if there was actually such a thing as a “free” video game.
I ended up discovering the wonderful world of open-source software.

Open-source software are games or applications built and/or maintained by the community. This means anyone can download and enjoy them for free, and almost anyone can help it evolve into something better. Below are a few I’ve enjoyed:


Supertuxkart-0.8.1-screenshot-2 from SuperTuxKart Offical Site

It’s Mario Kart without the Mario (for free) with new community-made maps and characters available with a click. Did I mention it’s free?

Potential Concerns:

The leader of the racers who is kidnapped in the beginning of the game is seen in a meditation-style pose.

GNU leader meditating from YouTube-quidsup channel

Official Site

Direct Download

UFO: Alien Invasion:

Rain from UFO-Alien Invasion Official Site

The UFO: Alien Invasion project didn’t want to remake classic turn-based strategy game XCOM. They wanted to make something that would someday “surpass the quality of games from 1992, rather than simply recreate them with flashier graphics.” UFO:AI definitely accomplishes this while retaining the feel of XCOM and creating something of its own. It also has that essential (for a turn-based strategy game) “one more turn…” factor.

Potential Concerns:

Minimal amounts of blood.

Official Site

Direct Download


Freeciv-web-screenshot-2014 from Freeciv Official Site

Freeciv takes the formula of Civilization 2 and makes it freely available for all, with additions such as 541 nations, online multiplayer (up to 126 players!) and the ability to change the ruleset to more modern iterations of Civilization (such as the hexagonal tiles of Civ 5). Educational AND addictive.

Potential Concerns:

Since Civilization is a game encapsulating the history of mankind, you can build “wonders” such as the Oracle and Colossus to confer bonuses upon your Civilization. You may also build temples and research technologies such as Mysticism and Polytheism to bring your Civilization to the levels of Monotheism and the like.

Official Site

Direct Download

Honorable Mention-0 A.D.:

Favored Son of Carthage from 0 A.D. Official Site

What was once a mod to expand Age of Empires 2 became a full-fledged product of it’s own. Although buggy and unfinished in several ways, it is indeed playable and enjoyable with development continuing daily. With the company that began Age of Empires shuttered, this is a great choice to scratch that Empires itch.
If you don’t like it at this point in development, you can also always delete it and check back in a few months for an improved experience.

Potential Concerns:

As another historically-based game, you can once again build various temples and idols to confer bonuses upon your nation (which can range from the Romans to the Britons to the Persians, etc.).

Official Site

Direct Download

Remember, this is just a partial list of some of MY favorites, so for those wanting to research more open-source video games, SourceForge and the Wikipedia list of open-source video games are both good (and relatively safe) resources. Further research, while it can be rewarding, should be approached cautiously and with good antivirus software.


Look out for more Video Games and the Bible Highlights, featuring both free and paid software!


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