Nom Nom Galaxy Review

The TRUE Final Frontier

Nom Nom Galaxy

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Nom Nom Galaxy* is the latest entry in the PixelJunk game series, currently available exclusively on Steam. As an Early Access title in an Alpha (before Beta!) state, the game is not fully optimized and various bugs are present.

However, this also means that Nom Nom Galaxy is continually being updated, refined and improved (weekly in this case). Best of all, YOU get to help influence this process.

You can see the game’s development progress here.

Nom Nom Galaxy combines the gameplay of a title like Terraria or Minecraft with business simulation mechanics.

The fact that this concept is already fun and playable at such an early state leaves me EXTREMELY excited by the possibilities.

It all starts by crash-landing on an alien planet…

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 1 (2)

You play as an Astroworker establishing another base of operations for SOUP Co. on planets ranging from Egon to Apoxus-67. Each of these planets is randomly generated, so you never know whether you’re going to stumble across a trove of delicious ingredients…

…or a band of vicious (yet tasty) corn monsters.

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 1 (23)

Using a laser buzzsaw to cut away at the landscape gives you “matter” and points toward “decryption keys.”

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 1 (5)

Nom Nom Galaxy Decryption (1) Nom Nom Galaxy Decryption (2)

Matter is used to buy equipment and modules for your base, while decryption keys unlock upgrades ranging from automation-enabling devices to the immediately gratifying laser sword.

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 1 (11)

Some of the blueprints available include Corridors…

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 1 (13)

…and Soup Rockets.


The upgrades currently available include hoverboards, Pogo sticks and a “Vacuum-Tank.”

The process of building is easy-just take out the blueprint and click.

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 1 (7)

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 1 (8)

The requirement to keep buildings connected results in neatly designed multi-level soup complexes or a gaggle of buildings-you decide.

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 1 (14)


Nom Nom Galaxy’s simple approach is also seen in its recipe system.
To create a new dish all you have to do is put two ingredients into a soup factory.



Once the soup is finished, insert it into a Soup Rocket to send it hurtling into the open mouths of an adoring public.


2014-04-25_00295 2014-04-25_00301

The combination of combat, exploration, construction and soup management provide an immensely entertaining “sandbox” experience that can be shared with another player in co-op.

However, one element lends a stressful note:

Nom Nom Galaxy’s in-game objective is to get 100% market share. This task can be extremely difficult to accomplish (especially when starting out) as players battle against a relentless AI.


Nom Nom Galaxy’s greatest strength lies in the number of things you can do and roles you can inhabit as a player.

You want to experiment endlessly, creating hundreds of recipes?

2014-04-25_00348 2014-04-25_00598 Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 2 (2)


Want to explore and find untold riches/ingredients?

"I can't believe it...This was right next to my base the entire time..."

“I can’t believe it…this was right next to my base the entire time…”

Want to play the role of space farmer, planting and harvesting components for your soup?



Want to fight invaders trying to hinder your budding soup-empire?


All of this is possible. However, the frantic pace required to “win” the game feels a bit constricting.

For this reason, a free-play mode to just build, farm and explore would be appreciated.


By my second week in the game-

Profits were climbing:

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 2 (6)

I can finally get that Pogo stick I always wanted:

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 2 (7)

My cash crop is dwindling and its oxygen pocket has evaporated…:

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 2 (8)

…while my noodle farm is thriving underground:

Nom Nom Galaxy shots batch 2 (9)

It’s awesome knowing that every time you play your story will be different.

So I can’t wait to make more soup-just at my own pace.

Potential concerns:

None to my knowledge.

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