Post Master Review

Post Master Cover from Excalibur website

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When you play a simulation, you commonly want to step into a role you couldn’t inhabit otherwise (theme park designer, spaceship builderprison warden, space engineer…). It’s always a bit of a thrill to peek into the workings of a life we can’t personally experience.

Imagine my surprise in finding a fascinating business sim more close to home, at a location we visit all the time–the Post Office.

Post Master Screenshot 1 from Steam Store Page

Post Master tasks you with balancing your budget, consumer needs and available equipment to become the best mail distribution company. This is complicated by the fact that your city is growing over time and there’s another company ready to profit from your mistakes.

Post Master Screenshots batch 1 (1)

There are numerous strategies in raising and lowering your prices. Raising them enables quick growth at the risk of taking a hit to your reputation. Lowering them allows you to hold onto customers, even if you do not offer the best delivery service.

Post Master Screenshots batch 1 (2)

As you progress and accomplish certain tasks you’ll earn Stars. These stars can be used to purchase new vehicles and amenities for your offices.

Post Master Screenshot 4 from Steam Store Page

The classic delivery truck.

Vending machines are quite popular...

Vending machines are quite popular…

 Remember to tailor your vehicles to their specific tasks and customer needs.

Post Master Screenshots batch 3

Trucks for delivery, motorcycles for express…

Advertise your business and buy larger offices to increase your influence.

Post Master Screenshots batch 1 (3)

Leaflets, Newspapers or Radio?

Post Master Screenshots batch 1 (4)

A medium-sized post office…

Hire additional employees to increase efficiency and provide bonuses (such as hiring Security to prevent robberies).

Post Master Screenshot 6 from Steam Store Page

Post Master puts the operation of an entire mail delivery system into your hands.

What will you do with it?

Post Master Screenshots batch 2


Post Master succeeds in taking the struggles and unexpected complexities of a seemingly mundane world-the Postal Service-and turning it into a fun business simulation.

Potential Concerns:

None to my knowledge.

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