Starforge v0.5.7 Review

StarForge Logo Composite Assembled from Official Presskit

*Sources of screenshots are listed in their respective file-names.

Starforge is an Early Access title in an Alpha (before Beta!) state. This means the game is not fully optimized, many bugs are present and various features may be missing.

However, this also means that StarForge is continually being changed, updated, refined and improved based on YOUR feedback.

It is planned for completion in “late 2014.”

You can watch the game’s development progress here. 


May 22, 3085

If you are receiving this message…

Look up.

Survivor #89777-Alive

StarForge Screenshots batch 1

Everything in StarForge is procedural (randomized for a new experience)–from the world you inhabit to the guns created. This provides a genuine sense of surprise when you encounter something like this:

StarForge Screenshots from Steam Store Page

A gun jetpack…A gunjet?

You can build, survive and defend on the strange alien planet of Atlas in three modes: Survival, Creative and Fort Defense.

StarForge Screenshots batch 2 (3)

Creative mode gives you unlimited resources to build and make your own fun– whether that is creating a humble cabin…:

StarForge Screenshots batch 5

A grandiose mansion:

StarForge Screenshots batch 4

Or an underground racetrack with friends:

Starforge Screenshots batch 3

Survival puts less of a focus on creation and more on simply getting through the night.

You’ll have to harvest your own resources, find scattered technology/upgrades and defend yourself when darkness falls.

StarForge Screenshots batch 2 (2)


StarForge Screenshots batch 2 (5)

Drilling for oil…

Blue chests holding valuable upgrades dot the landscape.

StarForge Screenshots batch 2 (4)

You can discover these chests much faster once you’ve unlocked vehicles like the Truck or Hovership.

StarForge Screenshots batch 1 (5)

You have a number of combative options at your disposal, from grenades and explosive charges to  the strange rocket/machine gun/chainsaw fusions created by the procedural weapon system.

StarForge Screenshots batch 2

Just ten more minutes until morning, just ten more minutes until morning, just ten more minutes…

Fort Defense takes the survival and construction aspects of StarForge and mashes them into a satisfying battle against waves of native wildife.

StarForge Screenshots batch 4 (1)

Surprisingly, this game mode reminds me of early childhood, when we would create fortresses out of pillows and “defend” them from our parents, siblings, household pets, etc.

My small barricade-- complete with non-functioning Slammer Turrets.

My small barricade–complete with non-functioning Slammer Turrets.

Of course, being a complex and extremely ambitious game in Alpha state, StarForge has many, many bugs. These can range from frustrating (such as an inventory bug that required a Steam reboot) to hilarious:

Many, Many, Many Beds Photo from Official StarForge Dev Blog

Many bugs–and beds. Many, many beds.

However, a positive aspect of buying StarForge in this early phase is the substantially lower price. Numerous improvements/additions are planned including :

  • Pistols
  • Health/nourishment injections
  • A “zipgun”
  • Social systems, including friends, guilds and security levels for bases
  • Armor


Although rough and unfinished, StarForge is fun and playable in its current state. The possibilities offered by this early look at the game are absolutely thrilling and make StarForge a title to keep on your radar.

*We will conduct a contest/giveaway for this game in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.

Potential Concerns:

Three sections of the current StarForge Lore have biblical connections:

A planet was found and deemed habitable. It came to be known as Atlas, due to our hopes that one day it would carry the Earth on its shoulders.

It was the dawn of the new millennium. There was a somber tone in the streets of every city on every corner of the Earth. Everyone was under the shadow of death on top of the quaking earth (1/2/3). It would have been better to be maimed and thrown in the depths of the seas then live through these times.

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