King Oddball Review

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King Oddball wants to end the world.

King Oddball Screenshot 1 from PlayStation Store Page

We don’t know why he wants to end the world–maybe the neighborhood bully stole his ice cream, or someone cut him off in traffic.

All we know is that for some odd reason, we want to help him.

King Oddball Screenshot 7 from PlayStation Store Page

You play as King Oddball, who decides to end the world by throwing boulders, candy and grenades with his tongue.

King Oddball Screenshot 2 from PlayStation Store Page

Yes, the premise is incredibly silly–but the underlying gameplay is rock-solid. As King Oddball swings on his axis, players tap [X] at the right moment to send boulders flying at enemies. Because it is a one-button game, both young and old can enjoy King Oddball without worrying about complex control schemes.

King Oddball Screenshot 3 from PlayStation Store Page

At first, you just send boulders flying in the general direction of your target. Soon, you’ll be making feverish calculations in your head as you cause elaborate chain reactions and rampant destruction with a single stone.

King Oddball Screenshot 5 from PlayStation Store Page

“This stone should bounce off of that tank, ricochet off that stone wall, activate those explosives, knock that wall into the other tank….”

The dreamlike visuals pop off the screen while accompanied by a peppy, offbeat soundtrack.

You start King Oddball at the bottom-left corner of a 12×12 square map. Work your way through over 120 levels of addictive, eccentric, boulder-throwing action to end the world.

King Oddball Map from YouTube-Scotty's HD Gaming Channel! channel

Add to these levels the special missions found in the Boom Challenge, One Rock Challenge, Hall of Diamonds, Halloween-themed pack and AN ENTIRE SECRET MOUSTACHE WORLD and you get over 450 levels!

Over 140 levels of bizarro moustache goodness...

Over 140 levels of bizarro moustache goodness…

Buying the game on PS4 also gives you the PS Vita edition at no extra charge.

King Oddball Screenshot 6 from PlayStation Store Page

At the current 6.99 USD asking price, King Oddball is clearly an amazing value. You can try the free demo here.

I spent two days on this level...

I spent two days on this level alone…


King Oddball is a unique and enjoyable physics puzzler worth every penny.

Potential Concerns:

King Oddball ends the world, whereas the Bible teaches us God does so.

King Oddball contains an extra world of Halloween-themed levels (which are optional & only available on Halloween):

King Oddball Halloween from YouTube-PSNStores channel

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