Video Games and the Bible NNC (Nearly No Commentary): Black Ice

Black Ice Logo from official Presskit
*Sources of screenshots/videos are listed in their respective file-names.

NNC (or Nearly No Commentary) is Video Games and the Bible’s new video resource to further assist you in choosing the right games for your family.

Alongside our usual reviews and previews, NNC provides a look at some of the various games we cover, as well as a brief description of the game and any Potential Concerns you may encounter as a Christian.

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In today’s NNC we feature Black Ice,* a title that combines the shooting, item gathering and character improvement aspects of games like Borderlands with a chunky neon aesthetic reminiscent of Tron.

Black Ice Screenshot from Official Website

Potential Concerns include:

Black Ice Screenshot 1

  • The usual elemental effects (fire and ice) being harnessed by the player/enemies  
  • As Black Ice is in Early Access, a story mode is not included and it is unknown what the plot will eventually contain (though conversations with the developer are hopeful)

Overall, Black Ice is a great (and certainly addictive) alternative to titles like Borderlands, but still has potential issues of its own. You can try it yourself here, and watch our Nearly No Commentary gameplay video below (please note that the price will eventually increase to $20 USD as features are added).

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*This title was received for review/coverage. See our statement of ethics here.

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