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Retro/Grade* gameplay from the Video Games and the Bible YouTube channel:

Retro/Grade’s unique premise surprises immediately–it begins at the end.

RetroGrade Screenshot 6

As the “credits” roll, an anomaly disturbs the time-space continuum, causing time itself to flow backward.

RetroGrade Screenshot 4

To restore the time-space continuum, pompous hero Rick Rocket must perform all of his actions in reverse. This means you must avoid enemy bullet patterns as you UN-fire lasers and rockets while moving backward. Meanwhile, Rick is happy to bop along in time with the excellent soundtrack.

Contrary to appearances, Retro/Grade is a rhythm game rather than a shooter (evidenced by the fact that you can use a real guitar to control your ship). Players move along lanes while unfiring their weapons and avoiding enemy attacks in time with the music.

Unfortunately, fire prompts and enemy hazards can sometimes get lost in the consistent blaze of neon light.

RetroGrade Screenshot 1

Retro/Grade contains two modes: Campaign and Challenge.

Campaign is a standard level-based experience, taking you from the end to the beginning of Rick’s off-the-wall adventure. This lines up with an increasing difficulty curve that the game explains is due to Rick wanting “to take on the most difficult invaders first.

RetroGrade Screenshot 7

The description for this level:
When a hypersphere threatened all that is right and angular on planet Quoob, the inhabitants turned to Rick. He was forced to protect them as part of the settlement for his property damage lawsuit since he destroyed millions of their crates ‘to find powerups’ as a foot soldier in the last war.

On the other hand, Challenge mode is an entirely different beast. The player is placed at the beginning of a sprawling, multiple-path map:

RetroGrade Screenshot 8

As you clear levels and progress through the map you’ll earn a multitude of extras. These range from music tracks you can combine and remix using an in-game turntable, to additional player skins…

RetroGrade Screenshot 9

Remixing “A Winner is You…”

This Challenge mode provides the true meat of the game, taking familiar levels and giving the player new objectives to complete them. In short, this one mode contains HOURS of gameplay.

RetroGrade Screenshot 10

“Disco” mode…


Retro/Grade is a great choice for Christian gamers looking for a truly unique rhythm title.

Potential Concerns:

The player can rewind time to fix a mistake.

A Minecraft-themed player skin.

RetroGrade Screenshot 3

One of the mission descriptions contains very mild crude humor:

RetroGrade Screenshot 2

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