Starpoint Gemini 2 Beta Review

SPG 2 Logo from Official Website
*Sources of screenshots are listed in their respective file-names.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is an Early Access title in Beta. This means the game is not fully optimized and various bugs may be present.

However, this also means that Starpoint Gemini 2 is continually being updated, refined and improved based on YOUR feedback


Starpoint Gemini 2* gameplay from the Video Games and the Bible YouTube channel:

Starpoint Gemini 2 is a tactical open-world space RPG. This means players can fight, trade and explore in a vast universe while improving their character.

SPG2 Screenshot 14

Leveling up after destroying an enemy ship…

Since story elements are not integrated into the game yet (due to being in Beta), players are left to their own devices in a living world populated by 50 separate factions.

SPG2 Screenshot 15

Protecting an ally from a Syndicate ship.

You start out as a “Lawful” captain allied with factions like the Iolian Pact, Trinity Free States, etc.

SPG2 Screenshot 27

If you are on good terms with the Baeldor Republic, you can gain citizenship along with the free repairs/heavy weapon rearming that entails.

However, you have a great deal of choice in what direction your career takes from that point forward. Will you be a merchant, shuttling goods from port to port to make a profit?

Selling Combat Mechs salvaged from an opponent's wreckage.

Selling Combat Mechs salvaged from an opponent’s wreckage.

Will you be a smuggler, trading illegal commodities and taking on contracts from unscrupulous corporations?

SPG2 Screenshot 19

The Mycaena faction is in need of my services…

Will you be a pirate, preying on those who trust you the most?

SPG2 Screenshot 17

I probably don’t want to attack this level 6 frigate as a level 3 captain…

Or will you be a bounty hunter, finding clues at every station and tracking your quarry across the galaxy?

SPG2 Screenshot 18

Apparently, high-profile terrorist and general Curtis Champion has been spotted in the Cromwell Prefecture…

These are just a few of the options available, and groups will treat you differently according to your actions (being caught with contraband results in a small Reputation decrease, etc.).

SPG2 Screenshot 20

“Tark Leaves” are illegal in this part of Gemini…

The freedom of choice present in these faction and “Reputation” game mechanics are seen throughout Starpoint Gemini 2. Players can customize their ship extensively, from the officers manning various stations to the individual enhancements affecting every system (power, weapons, etc.).

SPG2 Screenshot 21

This “Dynamo III” propulsion system enhancement upgrades the speed, maneuverability and acceleration of my vessel.

The gorgeous visuals suck you in immediately, with bright colors and distinctive ship designs popping off of the screen.

SPG2 Screenshot 1 from Steam Store Page

The only missions currently available (aside from those created by other players through Mods) are small “Freelance” missions. These range from assassinating enemy targets to making supply runs for needy facilities. However, due to their necessarily limited nature, players may find this aspect of the game repetitive.

SPG2 Screenshot 24

Transporting the “Draft Funk trio” to a distant planet in a VIP mission…

SPG2 Screenshot 25

Repairing a damaged “Automated Repair System”

The real selling point of Starpoint Gemini 2 is not particularly the missions themselves, but what you do in-between them (or how you can ignore objectives completely).

If you choose to be a miner, your gameplay experience will largely consist of blasting asteroid fields and ferrying elements like Silicon. If you become a merchant, you’ll be making heavy use of transportation devices to quickly find the best prices for your goods. If you choose the life of a warrior, you can find combat opportunities aplenty.

SPG2 Screenshot 4 from Steam Store Page

What I especially love about Starpoint Gemini 2 is that none of the roles I just described are predefined or forced upon the player. You can become any combination of these things, or even discover your own unique niche in the universe.

SPG2 Screenshot 22

Mining near Trier station…

A massive, multi-ship confrontation.

A massive, multi-ship engagement.

Success in combat depends on wise use of your upgradable special abilities (like Hacking for Engineers) and “Energy Transfer” system. At any time, you can shift power distribution towards the area of your ship (Engines, Shields or Weapons) that needs it most.

SPG2 Screenshot 26

Power distribution is easily controlled through the icon in the bottom left. I’m currently routing all power to engines.

These elements can be hard to manage when in the middle of an epic confrontation like the one below, but generally add to the semi-realistic style of the game.

SPG2 Screenshot 3 from Steam Store Page

Shields are disabled and enemies are swarming from every side…

Modding” of Starpoint Gemini 2 is encouraged, and players are already sharing their creations with the Starpoint Gemini community through the Steam Workshop.

SPG2 Star Trek Ships from Steam Workshop page-MiasmaAgent user

You can’t have a space-themed game without Star Trek ships being modded in…

One thing to keep in mind while exploring the beautiful universe of Starpoint Gemini 2 is that you can only save manually by docking at a port, then opening the menu. The game automatically saves your progress at every docked port, as well.

SPG2 Screenshot 10

Remember to save your game when coming into port!

Finally, the developer plans to support Starpoint Gemini 2 post-release with free content (side-missions, ships, weapons, etc.) and a paid expansion pack. This expansion pack will add features like having your own upgradable space station, the ability to conquer territory, etc.

One of the most intriguing ideas planned includes transferring THE ENTIRETY of the original Starpoint Gemini’s storyline into Starpoint Gemini 2–for free.

Starpoint Gemini 2's universe is set to become much larger...

Starpoint Gemini 2’s universe is set to become much larger…


Whether Starpoint Gemini 2 becomes an “open world space opera” without including the anti-biblical plot elements found in franchises like Mass Effect/Star Wars remains to be seen. However, if it does, Starpoint Gemini 2 is easily Game of the Year material.

Potential Concerns:

On the “Impossible” difficulty, enemies are described as being “god-like creatures of ultimate destruction“:

SPG2 Screenshot 4

Some of the decals that can be displayed on your ship are inappropriate:

SPG2 Screenshot 1 SPG2 Screenshot 2

SPG2 Screenshot 3

Various in-game names are pulled from real-world religions (including Christianity). These include weapon enhancements like the Artemis, factions like the Baeldor Republic,  and areas like “Shiva”:

SPG2 Screenshot 11

A sign referencing the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas“:

SPG2 Screenshot 9

This is purely an in-universe advertisement and not indicative of any gameplay.

You can sell contraband such as psychedelic drugs, alcohol and even an aphrodisiac (Vantu Eggs).

SPG2 Screenshot 5

Vantus is a giant turtle-like animal originating from planet Corrion, in Baeldor. It’s eggs are revered as a potent aphrodisiac.

SPG2 Screenshot 6

Rift Dust can only be found in its natural form in the Triangle nebula, deep in Triad space and is probably their number one export commodity. When inhaled, it causes extreme mood swings shifting from ultimate bliss to utter depression, bordering on suicidal. It is then no wonder Rift Dust is illegal in almost all Gemini territories.

If you are caught with these materials, you will be confronted by the authorities and suffer a small reputation decrease.

SPG2 Screenshot 7

Mycaena is attempting to confiscate one of the items in my cargo hold…

This “smuggling” system ties into the open-ended nature of Starpoint Gemini 2. Players are free to take on the role that suits them in this world–whether that is the life of a pirate, merchant, smuggler, miner, etc. It is up to players themselves to make correct choices:

SPG2 Screenshot 8

Mining near Omega Transport HQ…

The d-word is used once in the opening cutscene. Aside from this instance, I have not personally seen other profanity in-game.

SPG2 Screenshot 13

…so d-n close…

Buy Now! (Steam)

Buy Now! (Humble Store)

Purchasing this game through the Humble Store (above) gives you a Steam code, with 10% of each purchase going to charity.

*This title was received for review/coverage. See our statement of ethics here and game review criteria here.

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