Edge of Space Early Access Review

EoS Header from Steam Store Page

*Sources of screenshots are listed in their respective file-names.

Edge of Space is an Early Access title in Beta. This means the game is not fully optimized and various bugs are present.

However, this also means that Edge of Space is continually being updated, refined and improved based on YOUR feedback


Edge of Space* (EoS) gameplay from the Video Games and the Bible YouTube channel:

Edge of Space is a randomly-generated sandbox game in the style of Terraria, with an emphasis on combat and a vibrant sci-fi setting. Players use Science to craft items instead of alchemy, guns to destroy enemies instead of enchanted swords and “Navigation-Data” to find Bosses instead of rituals.

This makes Edge of Space a valid and exciting alternative to Terraria for Christian gamers and those looking for a change of pace.

EoS Screenshot 9

Mining some mud with a Laser Pick…

The first indicators that you are dealing with a truly special Early Access game are two small icons on the Main Menu.

EoS Screenshot 6

A Support Ticket icon and Update Alert icon.

The icon at the bottom-left tells you when the game will next be updated. This signals the amount of confidence Handyman Studios (the developers of Edge of Space) places in their ability to deliver. Barring a recent unfortunate illness, I haven’t seen the team miss a single deadline.

Raiding a Headhunter

Randomly-generated “Headhunter” Dungeons were added in a recent, extremely large update.

The icon at the top left tells the player they can submit a “Support Ticket” or alert the developers to a bug/glitch from inside the game itself.

The current interface for reporting bugs from inside the game...

The current interface for reporting bugs from inside the game…

These features show an attention to detail and an eagerness to accept feedback and please the community that is essential to any Early Access game.

Gameplay currently consists of mining the wild surface of Achoa to gain resources and fighting off various alien creatures.

EoS Screenshot 12

Attacking a Crab Nest to gain a chest of valuable loot and resources…This probably won’t end well.

Defeated enemies (such as vicious, red-eyed Crabs and flying Jellies) drop “Data” in several categories such as “Electricity” and “Research and Development.”

EoS Screenshot 13

Redeeming Broken Research and Development data harvested from a defeated Crab
gives me +45 points of progress in that category.

Leveling up a category allows you to craft new, more powerful equipment and begin building a base of operations.

EoS Screenshot 10

Leveling up the “Furniture” category for the first time allows you to begin building walls and doors for your base.

Rapid transitions between mining resources, frantically fighting enemies and exploring new locales with your jetpack give Edge of Space a unique flavor. A rhythmic pattern of building, combat, mining and exploration keeps you glued to the screen, working towards the next unlock…

EoS Screenshot 15

Confronting a pack of Crabs in a cave system…

EoS Screenshot 16

Plundering a Headhunter Outpost of Stone Walls…

EoS Screenshot 17

…and using them to expand my base.

In Multiplayer, you can build, fight and level up with friends. This lets you accomplish much more in a smaller time-period.

EoS Screenshot 11

A small piece of a popular multiplayer server…

My...slightly less impressive base.

My…slightly less impressive base.

Niggling issues like not being able to mine background tiles directly or having to decipher the slightly obtuse UI (user interface) can be frustrating. However, it is expected that solutions for at least some of these issues will be found as the game moves towards final release. An example of this progress is the massive UI overhaul scheduled for this upcoming weekend:

EoS Character Screen from Official Twitter

A photo of the new UI update scheduled for this weekend.

Although features like the ability to terraform the planet and fight “laser space sharks” are still in development, the amount of content currently in Edge of Space is more than satisfying.


Edge of Space is an exciting and extremely engrossing game that provides both an alternative to Terraria for Christian gamers, and an addicting new experience in the genre to those looking for a change of pace.

Although you might want to hold off on playing the game until development is finished (due to occasional character wipes), picking up Edge of Space during Early Access gives you a discount and additional benefits in the final product.

Potential Concerns:

The main Potential Concern (at this point in development–remember, the title is in Early Access, so circumstances may change) is certain elements of the Headhunter civilization.

Inside a Headhunter Dungeon.

Inside a Headhunter Dungeon.

Inside the world, you’ll find Headhunter Outposts and temple-like structures (alongside the randomly-generated dungeons discussed in the body of this review). These locations contain Headhunter artifacts including Idols, Totems, Voodoo Dolls and sacrificial Pyres.

EoS Screenshots 1 (1)

A Headhunter Idol. The description:
According to this idol, one of the most sacred figures in Headhunter lore is a six-armed man holding several different weapons and at least one beverage.

EoS Screenshots 1 (2)

A Headhunter Pyre. The description:
Hopefully all this crystal pyre has been used for is burning incense. The ring of charred blood around the edge is probably just from someone bumping into it.

EoS Screenshots 1 (3)

A Headhunter Totem. The description:
The spirits represented in this totem include some sort of world deity, a weather goddess, and algebra.

EoS Screenshots 1 (4)

A Headhunter “Fetish” (looks like a dreamcatcher). The description:
Made from animal bones and tendons woven into a web-like pattern, this gruesome fetish seems designed to scare people away.

EoS Screenshots 1 (5)

A Headhunter Voodoo Doll. The description:
Should you be worried that this miniature doll is wearing what looks like a primitive representation of an ArkCo jumpsuit?

These artifacts can be used as materials for crafting high-level items.

EoS Screenshot 2

This Outlander Helmet requires 7 Headhunter Dolls and 6 Headhunter fetishes to craft, among other ingredients.

ArkCo can give the player the ability to respawn (through collectable, limited Cyro Rods) because it, “conquered death itself.”

EoS Screenshot 5

As bad as things can get down on the surface, remember that they could be much, much worse had ArkCo not conquered death itself years ago…”

A reference is made to the building of structures to ancient gods:

EoS Screenshot 3

Earthen Wall description:
Whether you’re creating a rudimentary ziggurat to pay homage to the ancient gods or piling dirt up into an impressive tumulus in honor of a fallen hero, dirt is an essential part of any prehistoric structure.

One of the healing consumables you can craft is “Protowine.

EoS Screenshot 4

Fermenting the juicy leaves found on Achoan plant life creates a delightfully potent potable. Drinking it will rapidly restore the damaged cells in your body. It might kill off a few brain cells in the process, but, hey, if you want to make an omelette…

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*This title was received for review/coverage. See our statement of ethics here and game review criteria here.

*Do you want to be saved?

*Do you want to make sure that you are saved?

*More reviews from Video Games and the Bible.

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