Cook, Serve, Delicious! Review

Cook, Serve, Delicious Logo Screenshot

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Cook, Serve, Delicious!* (CSD) gameplay from the Video Games and the Bible YouTube channel:

The frantic, ingredient-slapping gameplay of Cook, Serve, Delicious! sucked me in immediately.

Using a keyboard, controller or mouse, players will conduct every activity in their restaurant–from cleaning toilets to serving soup. At first, this task is easy and clinical–press [K] to add ketchup and so on…

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 9

It soon descends into finger-numbing, button-mashing brilliance. Keep in mind that your speedy actions must be accompanied with accuracy (or else you risk dealing with angry customers).

The sheer pace of it all can alienate less experienced gamers.

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 10

[K] for chicken, [I] for rice, [U] for bouillon cubes, [Y] for celery, [DOWN] to cut, cut three times…

You will manage most aspects of your restaurant including the menu. Each dish has “boosters” and “detractors.” This means certain recipes are higher in fat, less attractive on rainy days, smelly in the mornings, etc. This helps the player choose the right foods for their restaurant.

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot Batch 1 (2)

Lasagna contains the Fatty McFats detractor. If you have several of these on your menu, your restaurant will be less popular (this effect applies to alcohol as well).

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot Batch 1 (3)

Salad appeals to a wider group but requires more cleanup.

These three gameplay pillars–management, strategy and fast-paced cooking–form the core of the Cook, Serve, Delicious! experience.

You can participate in televised Iron Cook challenges or cater special events for SherriSoda Tower:

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 12

At the end of each in-game day you can check your SherriSoda Tower email account. Emails take the form of ClicknStart projects for you to support (a reference to popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter), weather reports, game tips or…messages like this:

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 14

You can upgrade your restaurant and buy new equipment such as a dishwasher (reducing the number of dishes that must be washed), grill, table snacks (making customers more patient), etc.

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 15

Finally, there are a number of features to enhance replay value including New Game+ and Extreme Difficulty (I did not survive).

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 16


Cook, Serve, Delicious! offers more than a blend of fast, addictive, eminently-replayable fun for the “summer drought.” It’s a rare exception in that almost every Potential Concern listed below can be circumvented with a feature, option or by player choice.

The fact that you can engage purely with the elements acceptable to your family makes Cook, Serve, Delicious! a fantastic addition to nearly any library.

Potential Concerns:

Some of the aforementioned emails can use crude humor or include slight curse words (the d-word, cr-p, etc.):

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 6

Although these are relatively few in number, families have the option to disable them entirely with the “Mail Filter” item unlocked later in the game.

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 2

Players can gamble on their performance through handcrafted and procedurally-generated “bets.” Unlike some of the other Potential Concerns described, the game does not attach a negative connotation to this (besides losing your money).

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 3

Players can serve alcoholic drinks such as “The Rich Brewsky” and wine.

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 4

However, the player can choose not to serve alcohol and there is a negative effect associated with having these items on your menu.

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 5

Having several alcoholic drinks on your menu stacks the effect (5% each).

After earning a two-star resturant, you can “date” through the chef-to-foodie dating service “Cook4Luv (this takes the form of small text exchanges).” You can choose whether you date males or females, or to not interact with this service.

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 7

There is at least one double entendre in recipe names.

Cook Serve Delicious Screenshot 8

Buy Now! (Steam)

Buy Now! (Humble Store)

Purchasing this game through the Humble Store (above) not only gives you a Steam code, but DRM-free copies of the game on every platform.

10% of each purchase through Humble Store also goes to charity.

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