The Bridge Review

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The Bridge* gameplay from the Video Games and the Bible YouTube channel:

The Bridge is highly atmospheric, featuring a uniquely evocative sketch-like aesthetic. Landscapes and objects are familiar enough to be recognizable, but twisted just enough to feel “wrong”…The effect is haunting but subsides over time.

The Bridge Screenshot 1

The Bridge builds its story and gameplay mechanics around a simple yet powerful concept–blending Newtonian physics with the perspective-bending artwork of M.C. Escher.

The Bridge Screenshot 1 from Steam Store Page

This combination is enhanced by a limited toolset and the developer’s commitment to giving the player intellectual freedom.

One puzzle in particular encapsulated this idea for me:

The Bridge Screenshot 7

In level 3-3, I seemed to find myself impossibly stuck. I had been trying to solve this puzzle for days when I felt a flicker of understanding in the back of my mind.

The Bridge Screenshot 2

To overcome this level, I had to take advantage of my principal tool–gravity.

Reversing it to change my polarity and teleport to another location…Manipulating it to rotate the world, turning walls into floors and dead ends into openings…

Within seconds, a solution that had eluded me for days was finally within my grasp.
I’ll never forget that moment.

The Bridge Screenshot 5

You may ask, “Why?”

Almost every level forces you to use your limited resources in an innovative, interesting way that makes you feel clever–a feat only the best puzzlers can achieve.


The Bridge is a terrific puzzle game with a large number of mind-bending teasers to solve. A haunting aesthetic and the obscured tale of a man gone mad means it may not be for everyone.

Potential Concerns:

The world of The Bridge is unsettling, with a story left up to interpretation (like Vessel)…This thoughtful, oppressive universe may be disturbing to some gamers.

The Bridge Screenshot 3

One of your tools is the “Veil.” Entering one allows you to change another object’s center of gravity.

You can see the Veil just above the swirl in the center.

You can see the Veil just above the swirl in the center.

Upon entering a Veil, the player’s soul appears to enter into the object whose gravity is being controlled.

The Bridge Screenshot 4

The player can manipulate gravity and flip the world upside-down.

The player can rewind time to fix a mistake.

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