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Action Henk Logo from Official Presskit
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Video Games and the Bible Plays…” is Video Games and the Bible’s new video resource to further assist you in choosing the right games for your family.

Alongside our usual reviews and previews, these videos provide a look at some of the various games we cover, as well as a brief description of the game and any Potential Concerns you may encounter as a Christian.

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In today’s “Video Games and the Bible Plays…” we feature Action Henk*.

Action Henk is a speedy, wonderfully nostalgic platformer in the vein of Joe Danger or Sonic the Hedgehog. Playing as a variety of eccentric toys, you’ll jump over “lava,” swing through perilous gaps and butt-slide down matchcar tracks to get the fastest time possible.

Action Henk Screenshot 1

Take that, Gold Henk!

Please note that the game is an Early Access beta release, so the mileage you get out of the levels currently available may vary. However, all updates/content added to the game ahead of its release date is free of charge.

You also get an exclusive outfit for Action Henk by purchasing during Early Access:

Blue Blaze Henk Screenshot

Sonic, anyone?

Potential Concerns:

One of Henk’s unlockable skins is a ballerina outfit (“Swan Henk“).

Action Henk Screenshot 2

Action Henk gameplay:

Buy Now! (Steam)

Buy Now! (Humble Store)

Purchasing this game through the Humble Store (above) not only gives you a Steam code, but DRM-free copies of the game on every available platform.

10% of each purchase through Humble Store goes to charity.

*This title was received for review/coverage. See our statement of ethics here and game review criteria here.

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*Do you want to make sure that you are saved?

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