Video Games and the Bible Extra Life 2014 Streaming Schedule

Extra Life Logo_Blue from official Presskit

*Note: this schedule is subject to change.

Saturday, October 25th, I (Nelson) will participate in National Gaming Day by playing video games 24 solid hours to raise awareness and funds for Extra Life. We’ll be streaming all 24 hours for your viewing pleasure here.

Extra Life is a charity celebrating the positive effects we as gamers can have on our world by raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the United States and Canada (more details here). ALL PROCEEDS go directly to help kids at CMN hospitals.

We at Video Games and the Bible love Extra Life because no matter what you do–whether playing, donating or cheering on those who do–everything is appreciated and all efforts go to raise awareness of a great cause. You can support our campaign here.

There will be some very special guests on the stream from both inside and outside of the video game industry. We’ll be giving away a TON of game codes as well, so come on by!

Below you’ll find our (current) schedule:

Hour 1–6 AM PST | Door Kickers
Hour 2–7 AM PST | Artisan: Going Home Again Beta
Hour 3–8 AM PST | SteamWorld Dig
Hour 4–9 AM PST | Minimum
Hour 5–10 AM PST | Defense Grid 2
Hour 6–11 AM PST | Black Ice
Hour 7–12 PM PST | Gridiron Solitaire
Hour 8–1 PM PST | Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion
Hour 9–2 PM PST | Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
Hour 10–3 PM PST | FarSky
Hour 11–4 PM PST | Nom Nom Galaxy
Hour 12–5 PM PST | Cook, Serve, Delicious
Hour 13–6 PM PST | Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Hour 14–7 PM PST | SpeedRunners
Hour 15–8 PM PST | Tower of Guns
Hour 16–9 PM PST | StarForge
Hour 17–10 PM PST | Action Henk
Hour 18–11 PM PST | Airship Dragoon
Hour 19–12 AM PST | Glitchspace
Hour 20–1 AM PST | Cargo Commander
Hour 21–2 AM PST | Gateways
Hour 22–3 AM PST | Assault Android Cactus
Hour 23–4 AM PST | Hyphen
Hour 24–5 AM PST | FootLOL: Epic Fail League


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